July 2, 2015

2015 Summer Scholarship Winner Announced!

Our 2015 summer scholarship winner is Mary Cooper. In this picture she is being presented with the scholarship certificate and there are red and blue helium-filled balloons floating at the ceiling with ribbons hanging down.

Our 2015 summer scholarship winner is Mary Cooper!  Mary will be attending our Brunswick Campus.  Mary has always had a sense of style and loves doing hair; she remembers being 4 years old and doing her mothers hair.  She wants to make people feel their best by making them look their best!  Mary knows first hand what it’s like in the cosmetology business.  Her mother is a cosmetologist, and Mary works at a salon as a receptionist.  The salon owner and fellow co-workers highly recommended Mary!  They said she has all the qualities it takes to become successful.  Mary is motivated, smart, trendy, friendly, confident, dependable, capable, and knows how to make customers feel welcome.  That is just some of the wonderful qualities that they wrote on their letters of recommendation.  We can’t wait to have Mary at our school and get to know her.  Congratulations to Mary Cooper!