We take pride and a personal interest  in preparing our students to excel in the beauty industry.  It’s an exciting time at Raphael’s and we hope you will become part of our community too.

But don’t take it from us, hear what our graduates have to say about their experience at  Raphael’s School of Beauty!

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“Day in and day out, I do what I love…”

Natalie Ashley Nicholas, Cosmetology GraduateI get to make my clients feel amazing about themselves! I would like to thank all my awesome instructors who have given me a small piece of them to take with me to help me build a masterpiece of my own!

Natalie Ashley Nicholas, Cosmetology Graduate
Independent contractor Spalon of Sara Morris



Raphael’s has helped me so much in achieving my goal of becoming a surgical esthetician. The instructors here are very helpful, they help you and push you do the things you want to learn.

Amy Nabb

My favorite thing from the school is the inspiration I get from the instructors and the flexibility of the school. It just pushes me towards my career and gives me confidence for the future.


I love how open it is. It’s very open, very hands on. The instructors are very informative, they’ll help you out with anything that you need help with.


When I first started I knew nothing about hair, never did hair, never did family’s hair. As a matter of fact, when I started in the junior classroom I hated it, but I grew to love it. I learned so much and everyone comes to me for help now, and I love it.


I was so tired of putting my life on the back burner and being unhappy, so I was like I’m doing it, no matter what. I’m 51, I’m showing my kids and grandkids, it doesn’t matter how old you are. If you want something and that’s your passion, go for it.

...best teachers...

The best teachers and the best friends made!!!

Heather Lyn
So thankful for the teachers.

So thankful for the teachers. They really cared & I love them always. Plus my fellow students have become family. I’m ready to change some lives.

Jeff Lanning
...thorough training and curriculum...

Raphael’s provides a wonderful basis for nail techs. Thanks to their thorough training and curriculum; I was able to pass my state board exams as a Managing Manicurist with all scores in the excellent range. This foundation along with expanded independent study has enabled me to move forward in the beauty industry. To date I have been in national publication six times including four times in Nails Magazine. In addition to achieving my Instructors License; I also am selling artificial nails around the world. Currently; my mother and I are in the process of opening what will be my own salon when I turn 21. The business instruction that I received at Raphael’s will be an invaluable tool as I expand into this new venture.

Kaitlin Jeanette Smith
She loved her teachers...

My daughter attended this school and I am very proud to say that. She loved her teachers and loves her education she received.

Laura Ashworth
The instructors and students are AMAZING!

I’m currently a student here at the Alliance location and I love it! The instructors and students are AMAZING!

Megan Mcilvain
...awesome instructors...

I attended the Raphael’s in Brunswick and met some awesome instructors who taught me everything I know and I even passed state board with high scores!

Brittany Smith
Excellent program!

I went to Raphael’s in Brunswick and loved every second! I did the 1800 hr Cos program and finished in 1 year and 3 months! I passed my state board with flying colors and was completely prepared! Excellent program!

Madeline Perdok
...I received a great education from amazing instructors...

I previously attended Brunswick Raphael’s. I had to withdraw for medical reasons. But in the time I was attending, I received a great education from amazing instructors that had me feeling extremely confident in the skills I was being taught and practicing. I highly recommend this school to anybody interested in going to school for anything in the beauty industry!

Amber Haley
I'm so thankful for the instructors...

I just graduated from Raphael’s in Brunswick and took my state boards yesterday.. I passed with flying colors!!! I had an awesome experience here and learned so much. I’m so thankful for the instructors I had to prepare me so much for my future!

Samantha Harris
...a great education that led me to pass state board with flying colors...

I attended Raphael’s in Brunswick. I got a great education that led me to pass state board with flying colors and made me confident to go into a salon and start working right away!

Kate Johnston

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