May 24, 2019

Helping Generations of Beauty Professionals for Over 50 Years

Raphael’s School of Beauty Culture has been helping future beauty professionals for over 50 years. We wanted to share a little bit about how we’ve grown to be who we are and some highlights over the years. Interested in learning how to enter the beauty industry? There’s a little insight from us, too.

Expanding With the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is always growing and changing as more techniques and products are developed to help achieve the perfect look. At our schools we’re always striving to improve and better the education we can provide to our students. We’ve also added more products to our curriculum. Our programs use products from:

We’ve also added more locations, such as Willoughby to our list of schools throughout Ohio. We hope that as we add more schools, more students will be able to find a location close to them for an education they can use in future jobs.

How We’ve Kept Our Legacy

As our schools have expanded we strive to keep what’s important to us the same. Each of our locations are focused on the same mission. We try to provide:

  • Small classes
  • Flexible schedules
  • Experienced instructors
  • A student-first philosophy
  • A professional student salon*

*All services provided by students under the direct supervision of licensed professionals.

Helping Generations of Students

We talked to Kayla Damelio, one of the admissions advisors and an alumnus at Raphael’s School of Beauty Culture about what it was like going from beauty school student to working at the school. She told us that one of her favorite parts about her job was the ability to help people like those who helped her when she was a student. She said,

“I love helping others decide their future and watching them grow.”

In fact, Kayla helped her sister in her beauty school enrollment process. She was able to keep in touch with her sister during her time at school, and now her sister is working only a few miles down the road in a hair salon as a licensed professional. We’re happy to hear about her success!

Advice For the Future

As more generations of students embark on their journey to enter the beauty school industry, we wanted to give some advice for generations in the past and generations in the future:

Keep In Touch

We love hearing from students who have graduated in the past and finding where their future has taken them! After graduation you can and should keep in touch with the friends you’ve made during your time at school. Not only can it be fun to catch up about all things beauty, you can always learn from each other, too.

Give Back to Your Community

We offer unique opportunities for our students to participate in a variety of fashion shows and competitions, often for good causes. We hope that our students after graduation continue the mentality of helping those around them with their education in beauty.

Are you an alumnus of one of our schools? We may give you a call to judge some of our future fashion shows!

Continue Learning

It’s important to keep learning and improving. You can further your education by taking classes after becoming a licensed professional, such as our Cosmetology Advanced Course, a unique opportunity for those who want to prepare for their Advanced Cosmetologist license.

Join Our Legacy

Be a part of a community that’s over 50 years strong. If you’re interested in exploring a future in beauty, it’s not too late to start. Rely on experienced instructors in one of our many programs, including cosmetology, esthetics, and manicures. Book a tour today to learn how you can take the next step!