January 11, 2021

5 Benefits of Becoming a Self-Employed Beauty Pro

Are you considering a career in beauty? According to data from the Professional Beauty Association, around three out of ten, or one third, of all beauty professionals are self-employed. Becoming your own beauty boss comes with a pretty great set of perks. From setting your own schedule to choosing your own prices, working for yourself has some amazing benefits.

At Raphael’s School of Beauty Cultures,, we want to help set our students up for success in whatever career path they choose. That’s why in our programs you can learn business skills to prepare yourself for self-employment, such as handling taxes or management skills if you want to be a shop owner.

Whether you decide to be a shop owner, rent a booth, open a salon-suite, or just freelance, keep reading to find out five worthwhile benefits of becoming your own self-employed beauty professional!

1. Work When You Want

barber cutting client's hair

Not interested in working the typical nine to five schedule? As a self-employed beauty professional, you get to decide your own schedule. Want to work a 30 hour workweek instead of 40? Or maybe work three weekdays instead of five? All of these decisions are up to you.

You can work your schedule around your child’s school schedule, your personal preferences, or any other commitments. Work part-time or full-time. You’re the boss!

2. Your Earning Potential is Up to You

hairdresser choosing color from the backbar

Another great benefit of being self-employed is that your earning potential is up to you. You will get to make all of your own business choices, including these ones that can directly affect your bottom line:

  • How much your services will cost.
  • When to run specials or promotions.
  • What products you will use, which can cut or raise your operating costs.
  • When to give yourself a raise by increasing prices.

Here is what one of our graduates, Larry Chapp, had to say about working for yourself in the beauty industry: “If you do it right, keep up your education…you can make a lot of money and maybe someday own a salon of your own.” We love helping our students work toward their dream jobs!

3. Approve Your Own Vacation Days

airplane on the ground in the sunset

Along with deciding your own schedule, being your own boss means you can approve your own days off. So that vacation you’ve been wanting to take to Cancún? Go ahead and take it! Just be sure to plan in advance so you can avoid scheduling clients during your travel dates.

Some beauty professionals even create a mobile business for themselves. If you love traveling, the beauty industry could be the perfect way for you to create your dream life!

4. Decide What Services You Will Offer

woman with curly hair

Not a fan of perms? If you become your own beauty boss, you can decide what services you will offer, and what services you will not offer. This means you can steer clear of any services you dislike and focus instead on doing the services you love and do best!

You can kiss that terrible ammonia smell goodbye forever, if you so choose. Good riddance!

5. Create the Work Environment You Want

woman receiving a facial service

Our fifth benefit of working for yourself in beauty is the ability to create the work environment you want. You don’t have to conform to rules or codes you don’t agree with! You make the policies that dictate how things operate, including

  • Dress Code: Not a fan of the no-tattoo rule at your old work place? Go ahead and leave it behind.
  • Cancellation Policy: Avoid last-minute cancellations by requiring 24 hours notice, or charge a rebooking fee. Your time matters.
  • Trade Policy: Your graphic design client asks if you’d like to trade a facial service for a logo. You can decide when and how to provide free services, or not to at all.
  • Station Décor: Some beauty salons dictate what you can or cannot have on your station. When you’re the boss, decorating with your favorite succulents is your choice!

Having control over your work environment, even just in small ways, can make a huge difference in your job satisfaction levels. The fact that so many beauty professionals are self-employed, and do have this control, may be just one of the reasons why hairdressing continues to rate as one of the top jobs for overall job satisfaction.

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