September 9, 2022

How to Pay for Beauty School

Paying for beauty school is a financial investment worth making and is one of the most valuable investments you can ever make, as it allows you to build your future. You are going to want to start making goals when trying to come up with a payment option. No need to worry! There are so many great options and resources out there that are worth considering when applying for a school. We recommend looking into financial aid, scholarships, grants, and student loans when applying for beauty school. If you are someone who requires financial assistance in supporting your career goals, then we have a few resources to help you get started. Read more to learn what you can do now to support yourself through your education. 

How to Pay for Beauty School

First Things First, Apply for Financial Aid

Applying for financial aid should be your very first step before considering any other kind of financial support. Your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) determines your qualifications for financial aid options, such as federal grant money and different types of loans. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. If you are considering an education with Raphael’s School of Beauty Culture then financial aid is available for those who enroll in our following programs:

The application process may seem daunting at first, but our admissions team is here to help you get started and you can contact us at any time for assistance! We offer Federal Pell Grants and Direct Student loans, as well as a wide range of scholarship opportunities. If you are looking to get an accurate estimate on your education’s costs, then check out our net price calculator to get an idea of what to expect when paying for beauty school.


Federal Grants are a great way to assist you through your schooling. This is money given to you by the government depending on your financial needs. You never have to pay this money back and a grant is different from a loan. 

Student Loans

Federal loans are another option that can assist you with beauty school enrollment and additional costs. Loans are borrowed money and eventually must be paid back. With the beauty industry growing, you can expect to pay off your student loans sooner than later. However, we highly recommend applying for as many scholarships and grants as possible before considering a loan.


Now that you are ready to get an education, there is no need to let the costs of school hold you back in pursuing your dreams. If you are ready to make a career change, then our school has a few scholarships you may be eligible for. Here are a few requirements for those who apply: 

  • You must be a High School graduate of the same year the scholarship is offered
  • You must be over the age of 16
  • You must provide proof of your high school diploma, transcripts, or GED
  • Completed FAFSA® application

There are a lot of scholarships out there for those who are planning to enroll in a beauty school program. Here are a few scholarships that we recommend:

Raphael’s School of Beauty Scholarships

We offer scholarships yearly starting on January 15th and applications must be turned in by June 1st. We offer full and partial tuition scholarships. You are eligible to apply for both, but may not combine the two. Here is more information on the two scholarships that we offer:

Full Tuition Scholarships

For anyone who is interested in changing their future, we offer one lucky applicant a full scholarship. Here is how to apply:

  1. Send in two letters of recommendation
  2. Write a personal essay with 100 words or less, describing your proudest accomplishment or biggest achievement and the challenges you encountered during this experience.
  3. We need a copy of your high school diploma, transcripts, or GED certificate before enrollment.

Start your online scholarship application today!

Partial Tuition Scholarships

Graduating high school seniors can apply for a partial scholarship to help you fund your beauty education. Contact us for more information on this and application dates.

Professional Beauty Association

Advance your beauty career with help from the Professional Beauty Association (PBA). Check out some of the scholarships you may be eligible to apply for.

Beauty Changes Lives Scholarship

If you are someone who wants to make a difference in the beauty industry, then Beauty Changes Lives is a great opportunity for those who are considering a career as a barber, cosmetologist, or esthetician. Help others to feel more confident and get the financial support you need.

American Association of Cosmetology Schools

The American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) is another great resource to look into when applying for scholarships. Apply for as many scholarships as possible, so you have a greater chance of receiving one. Here are a few other options you might consider:

  • Keller Cosmetology Scholarship
  • Six Inch Shears Scholarship
  • Great Clips Great Scholarship Program
  • And More!

Scholarships are a great way to assist you in your schooling. The harder you work in high school, the more likely you are to receive scholarships.

How to Pay for Beauty School

Build Your Beauty Future 

Now that you have the resources you need to pay for beauty school, you can apply for a program near you. Book a tour of one of our many Ohio schools to help you get started and find the right education for you! Apply now and contact us for more information.