We take pride and a personal interest  in preparing our students to excel in the beauty industry.  It’s an exciting time at Raphael’s and we hope you will become part of our community too.

But don’t take it from us, hear what our graduates have to say about their experience at  Raphael’s School of Beauty!

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“Day in and day out, I do what I love…”

Natalie Ashley Nicholas, Cosmetology GraduateI get to make my clients feel amazing about themselves! I would like to thank all my awesome instructors who have given me a small piece of them to take with me to help me build a masterpiece of my own!

Natalie Ashley Nicholas, Cosmetology Graduate
Independent contractor Spalon of Sara Morris



Raphael’s has helped me so much in achieving my goal of becoming a surgical esthetician. The instructors here are very helpful, they help you and push you do the things you want to learn.

Amy Nabb

My favorite thing from the school is the inspiration I get from the instructors and the flexibility of the school. It just pushes me towards my career and gives me confidence for the future.


I love how open it is. It’s very open, very hands on. The instructors are very informative, they’ll help you out with anything that you need help with.


When I first started I knew nothing about hair, never did hair, never did family’s hair. As a matter of fact, when I started in the junior classroom I hated it, but I grew to love it. I learned so much and everyone comes to me for help now, and I love it.


I was so tired of putting my life on the back burner and being unhappy, so I was like I’m doing it, no matter what. I’m 51, I’m showing my kids and grandkids, it doesn’t matter how old you are. If you want something and that’s your passion, go for it.

...completely prepared for my state board exam.

My experience at Raphael’s, Brunswick campus, was wonderful! The staff are absolutely wonderful, and always made me feel cared about. I feel like I was trained well and completely prepared for my state board exam. I passed my board exam with extremely high scores, and owe my thanks to this school! For anyone considering a career in the beauty industry, this is the place to be!

Ashleigh Kolasky
You really do change lives!

The instructors are very knowledgeable and understanding. My life is crazy. I have 2 kids and limited sitters so it really works around my schedule and accommodates me. Although I do miss a day here or there, they make it very easy for me to get back on track and keep learning. So far I have met many new friends and mentors. Thank you Raphael’s for this great opportunity!!! You really do change lives!!!

Ashley Fliger
...this school has TRULY changed my life.

I can say that this school has TRULY changed my life. The instructors are absolutely AMAZING and are so caring and understanding. I would recommended this school to anyone who has a passion to do hair.

Sarah Gwilt
... awesome instructors...

I attended the Raphael’s in Brunswick and met some awesome instructors who taught me everything I know and I even passed state board with high scores!

Brittany Smith
...instructor's are amazing.

I absolutely love coming to school everyday. I have finally found something I love to do and our instructor’s are amazing. I have come so far because of them. Thanks Raphael’s!

TerriLynn Green

If you do it right, keep up your education, especially with the school and finish your education, it’s a very lucrative business, you can make a lot of money and maybe someday own a salon of your own.

Larry Chapp, Raphael’s Graduate

Raphael’s gives you the foundations of what you will need in a successful career.

Jim Migliozi – 2002 graduate, Co-owner of Studio 11 Salon

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