Reporting Policies and Protocols

An individual who believes that he or she is the victim of sexual misconduct or has witnessed an incident of sexual misconduct is encouraged to make a report.  The school encourages all individuals to seek assistance from a medical provider and/or law enforcement immediately after an incident of sexual misconduct. This is the best option to ensure preservation of evidence and to begin timely investigative and remedial response.

Campus Reporting Options

Anyone who believes that he or she is the victim of sexual misconduct or has witnessed an incident of sexual misconduct is encouraged to follow these procedures to report the incident.  To file a complaint students or staff should first speak to either:

  • Responsible Employees – Managers of all campus locations
  • Title IX Coordinator       – 330-782-1195  Ext. 1107
  • Carly Allen (Director)    – 330-782-3395  Ext. 1110

A Title IX complaint form must be completed, and an investigation will then take place.  If you are in immediate danger or an emergency situation you should always call 911.

Interim Measures

At any time during the grievance procedures the Title IX Coordinator may recommend that interim measures be taken such as separating the parties, or placing limitations on contact between the parties.  Failure to comply with the terms of interim protections could be considered a separate violation of applicable school policies.

Reporting Options

Title IX Complaint Form is available here, or with any Responsible Employee and the Title IX Coordinator.  This form can be hand delivered to a Responsible Employee, Title IX Coordinator, School Director, e-mailed to faxed to 330-953-0034 Attention Title IX, or mailed to Title IX Coordinator, 615 Boardman Canfield Rd., Boardman, OH  44512.  Please make sure all information is completed so that we can contact you as needed.

Confidential Reporting

All reports of sexual misconduct will be handled in confidence to the extent allowed by law.  The information reported will be shared only with those school employees who will assist in aiding the victim, conducting the investigation and/or the resolution of the complaint.  The school will respect the privacy of all parties involved in a report of sexual misconduct.

The student may request confidentiality when reporting an assault by requesting that his or her identity be omitted from the report.  When a victim requests confidentiality, it may limit the schools ability to thoroughly investigate and respond.  A witness reporting an assault to the school may remain anonymous by requesting that his or her identity be omitted from the report.  The request will be reviewed by the Title IX Coordinator.

Although rare, there are times when the school may not be able to honor a victim’s request in order to provide a safe, non-discriminatory environment for all students.

When weighing a victim’s request for confidentiality or that no investigation or discipline be pursued, the Title IX Coordinator will consider a range of factors, including the following:

  • The increased risk that the alleged perpetrator will commit additional acts of sexual or other violence, such as:
    • Whether there have been other sexual violence complaints about the same alleged perpetrator;
    • Whether the alleged perpetrator has  a history of arrests or records from a prior school indicating a history of violence;
    • Whether the alleged perpetrator threatened further sexual violence or other violence against the victim or others;
    • Whether the sexual violence was committed by multiple perpetrators;
  • Whether the sexual violence was perpetrated with a weapon;
  • Whether the victim is a minor;
  • Whether the school possesses other mean to obtain relevant evidence of the sexual violence (e.g., security cameras or personnel, physical evidence);
  • Whether the victim’s report reveals a pattern of perpetration (e.g., via illicit use of drugs or alcohol) at a given location or by a particular group.

The presence of one or more of these factors may lead the school to investigate and, if appropriate, pursue disciplinary action.  If none of these factors is present, the school will likely respect the victim’s request for confidentiality.

If the school (Title IX Coordinator) determines that it cannot maintain a victim’s confidentiality, the school (Title IX Coordinator) will inform the victim prior to starting an investigation and will, to the extent possible, only share information with people responsible for handling the school’s response.  The school will remain ever mindful of the victims well-being, and will take ongoing steps to protect the victim from retaliation or harm and work with the victim to create a safety plan.  a safety plan is tailored for the individual depending on the nature of the circumstances.  Retaliation against the victim, whether by students or school employees, will not be tolerated and is strictly prohibited under Title IX.

False Reporting

Knowingly filing a false report is cause for disciplinary and potentially criminal and civil action.  The school prohibits an individual from knowingly filing a false report or making misrepresentations of sexual misconduct (including sexual assault, sexual discrimination and sexual harassment).  However, a report made in good faith is not considered false merely because the evidence of the allegation does not ultimately support the allegation of sexual misconduct.

Standard for Determining Responsibility

The standard used to determine accountability is the preponderance of the evidence that, more likely than not, the accused has violated the sexual misconduct policy.

Emergency and External Reporting Options.

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