February 5, 2021

How to Become a Barber in Ohio

You know you want to become a barber, but you’re not sure how the whole licensing process goes. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place! At Raphael’s Department of Barbering, we love helping students pursue their dreams. That means from haircutting techniques to state requirements, we strive to teach our students everything they need to know to become a successful barber in Ohio.

To help make things easier for you, we’ve put together a complete guide covering the Ohio licensing process for barbers. Keep reading to learn more, or feel free to reach out to us online with any questions! Our representatives are available and happy to help.

  1. Graduate From an Accredited School
  2. Pass the Ohio State Licensure Exams
  3. Begin Your Barbering Career
  4. Renew Your License Every Other Year

1. Graduate From an Accredited School

Raphael's Department of Barbering

The first step toward becoming a licensed barber in Ohio is to graduate from an accredited school. The Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board requires at least 1800 hours of instruction with the following breakdown:

  • 100 hours of theory
  • 200 hours of scientific barber practice
  • 1200 hours of general barber practice
  • 300 additional hours of theory, scientific or general barber practice, or any combination as deemed appropriate by the school.

At Raphael’s Department of Barbering, our barbering program meets these requirements and can be completed in as little as 13 months!

What Will You Learn?

Curious about what specific techniques and skills you will learn? Here are just a few things you can learn in our barbering program:

  • Clipper Cutting
  • Facial Shaving
  • Scalp Treatments
  • Styling
  • Tapering
  • Shop Duties & Management
  • Bacteriology
  • & more!

Not only do we want to help prepare you to sit for the Ohio state licensing exam, but we also want you to feel prepared for a successful career after you’re licensed. That’s why we cover everything from basic cutting techniques to business skills. Whether you want to work as a stylist in a barbershop or be your own boss, we can help you get started!

Wondering if our school may be right for you? Take a tour!

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Barber performing a shave service

2. Pass the Ohio State Licensure Exams

The next step in becoming a licensed Ohio barber is to pass the required licensing exams. You will be required to pass both a practical demonstration and a written exam. To apply for your exams, visit https://elicense.ohio.gov/OH_HomePage and create an account. Once your online application is submitted and approved, you will receive your scheduled examination date(s).

You will need to pay a few fees related to licensing on or before your exam days:

  • Exam Fees: $90
  • Initial Barber License Issuance: $30

Should you need to retake an exam for any reason, a retake fee of $45 will apply.

Does Ohio Offer Reciprocity?

Ohio does not offer reciprocity. If you are a licensed barber in another state, you will need to obtain an Ohio barbering license. You can, however, transfer your schooling hours from another state. Simply choose what Ohio school you will attend to satisfy any Ohio-specific requirements, then fill out this form to request your school hours from a different state be transferred.

3. Begin Your Barbering Career

Once you’ve completed your school hours, passed your licensing exams, and paid all applicable fees, you will officially be a licensed barber! That means it’s finally time to get your feet wet and begin your barbering career.

The career options available to you once you’re licensed are nearly endless. Explore different paths and see what feels right for you! Here are just a few careers you may love:

  • Self-Employed Barber
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Barbershop Employee/ Owner
  • Mobile Barber
  • Educator
  • Influencer

Interested in being your own boss? According to data from the Professional Beauty Association, over one-third of barbers are self-employed! Whether you manage a shop, rent a chair, open up your own salon suite, or work as an independent contractor, the beauty industry can be a great place to work for yourself!

Barber checking the length of a client's beard for balance

4. Renew Your License Every Other Year

The last thing you’ll need to know about becoming a barber is when to renew your license. In Ohio, licenses are renewed every other year. If you forget when you need to renew, you can always check the expiration date on your current license.

Ohio requires continuing education (CE) hours to keep up with your license. These hours will need to be completed before you can apply for renewal. You will need to take

  • One hour of CE concerning Board laws and rules
  • One hour of CE on personal wellness
  • Three hours of CE concerning infection control and safety
  • Three hours of CE concerning relevant subject matter

You will need to set up a free CE broker account to access your classes, which you can do online here. Once you’ve completed the necessary CE hours, you will navigate to https://elicense.ohio.gov/OH_HomePage, login, and pay a $110 fee to complete the renewal process.

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